International Investment Bank

International Investment Bank


Senior managers identify need for staged upgrade and less complexity

Located in Moscow, the International Investment Bank (IIB) is an inter-state organisation which promotes economic and social development among members, including Hungary, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of Cuba, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Romania, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. Following a review of security in 2015 the bank’s senior management identified a need to rationalise and expand their video surveillance capability. A staged solution was sought that would allow them to manage the process in easy steps.


Seamless IDIS technology is easy to work with

AVIX recommended a seamless, integrated solution using IDIS technology, including cameras, peripheral switching devices and recorders. The IDIS solution would be easy and cost effective to install and would allow efficient, staged replacement of all existing video infrastructure.

At the heart of the new system is IDIS DirectIP® which makes set-up and launch incredibly simple by utilising zero configuration technology for the implicit pairing of devices. This eliminates the need for installers to manage multiple IP addresses that can often lead to human factors leading to weaknesses in network security, such as saved IP device names and corresponding passwords in spreadsheets.

Robust network security is also assured through embedded IDIS proprietary protocols not familiar to hackers. IDIS NVRs also force installers to implement an encrypted password as well as recommending two-factor authentication. Importantly, for IIB at no point thereafter can IDIS access any NVR, dispelling the bank’s concern of any ‘back doors’ that could present a potential network security breach.

A range of specialist IDIS cameras now protects the various bank premises, including DC-T1833WHR 8MP external bullet cameras and full HD DC-T3233HRX units giving crisp real-time views of immediate street surroundings. These cameras come with built in IR LEDs, making them ideal for covering extensive perimeter areas in all lighting conditions.

The external cameras feature IDIS Intelligent Codec, which can save up to 90% of disk space and network bandwidth. Crucially, they are also fitted with a 2TB memory card so that should a camera be disconnected from its NVR, the camera’s SD card instantly begins recording and automatically transfers the data to the NVR after recovery, leaving no incident unrecorded.


Replacing mis-matched technology with a robust integrated IP solution

The bank’s existing video system had been built up gradually over time and now included equipment and software from various manufacturers. This piecemeal approach had resulted in problems of compatibility, which hampered further expansion, and had also brought with it the disadvantage of costly licence update requirements with different suppliers.

To solve this problem, leading Russian security solutions distributor AVIX, was asked to deliver a robust, high quality integrated solution using IP technology from a single manufacturer than would allow the bank to scale and adapt the system to meet its future security needs.

In addition, for efficient operation in winter weather conditions, these vandal proof units incorporate energy-saving heaters that do not require an additional external power supply.

Internal areas are fitted with a range of IDIS 2MP motorized IR dome cameras connected to an DR-6232P NVR that allows the connection of up to 32 12MP cameras to perform simultaneous recording and play back. The system also utilises IDIS rack mounted eSATA storage and PoE switches to ensure real-time monitoring from remote sites during peak loads across the network.

Results and Benefits

A future-proof system that will remain easy to control

The International Development Bank’s new surveillance system is now less complex, less costly and much more powerful than the old technology it replaces. The system is managed through the cost and license free IDIS Center video management software providing a simple and effective interface for operators.

" It was definitely the right decision to move away from a complex system, based on equipment from multiple manufacturers. Our security operation now benefits from the latest advances in video technology and the assurance of affordable, trouble free operation into the future as well as robust network security that is absolutely paramount in the banking sector."

Aleksandr Funk
Head of Technical Protection Department, The Investment Development Bank

Now, as the bank’s security needs change, the surveillance system will be easy to adapt and expand, taking advantage of continual video advances from IDIS.


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