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Netherlands Port


Growing port looks to modernise camera system capability

Stadshavens Medemblik operates five busy ports in the Netherlands – at Pekelharinghaven, Voorhaven, Middenhaven, Westerhaven and Overlekerkanaal – and it also has two bridges under its control, as well as the thriving Westerhaven lock. The company has grown by around 30% each year since 2015 and the efficient, friendly welcome provided by the operations team is an important factor in this success. Under the leadership of Wijnand Baerken, Stadshavens Medemblik wanted to plan for further growth and it identified improved video surveillance capability as a key requirement.


A powerful new video solution harnessing existing infrastructure

Van der Laan was confident in recommending IDIS IP video technology, which is flexible and robust enough for all conditions, and which would allow the old analogue infrastructure to be adapted. A complete observation plan was drawn up, with Van der Laan and IDIS collaborating closely, identifying the best locations for cameras based on viewing angles, lighting conditions and the control features required. Much of the existing cabling has been retained, thanks to the IDIS Center multi-standard infrastructure, and the system has been extended to new areas with both wireless and fibre links. Without the need for extended cabling or civil works and associated planning permission the installation was quick and efficient.


Ensuring a perfect view of traffic on the water and the roads

The old analogue video system already installed at Stadshavens Medemblik was outdated, with the cameras no longer able to cope with the challenging waterside environment. In poor-visibility conditions - including rain, fog, and glare - images were unusable. The system was also inflexible, making it hard to adjust or add cameras. Another major challenge was to improve observation of water and road traffic at Medemblik, with a bridge located above the lock preventing a direct view from the port office.

To tackle these problems, the trusted technology systems provider Van der Laan was asked to design and install a solution using the best available technology.

Results and Benefits

High level video control opens the way for future operations

Cameras including award-winning IDIS PTZs have been placed at all strategic locations, on the bridges, the lock, the ports and importantly at the entrance from the IJsselmeer. All integrated and controlled through intuitive IDIS Center video management software, the new solution is not just preventing crime but enabling greater efficiency and control across all the port’s operations.

"From the harbour office operators utilising IDIS surveillance can immediately ascertain the size of boats as they enter the port, check where there is mooring place and send the skippers directly to the right location. The IDIS mobile app is proving particularly convenient as it allows us to see exactly what’s happening day and night and enable the operations team to offer immediate assistance if needed."

Stadshavens Medemblik
Wijnand Baerken, Director

"The IDIS platform is perfect for combining various IP and analogue systems. Moreover, it is more secure than competitive systems. IDIS systems use proprietary protocols and the way in which data is processed makes them very difficult to hack."

Van der Laan Techniek.
Dennis Selbach, Account Manager

Looking to the future, plans are being developed to enlarge the port significantly, and Van der Laan and IDIS look certain to be involved.


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