Russian Stadiums

Russian Stadiums


Venue security upgraded ahead of major tournament

With the 2018 World Cup staged in Russia, security and safety became the major focus at 12 stadiums and 11 cities. Against a background of global media attention—and with the operational challenge of hosting teams and visitors from around the world— IDIS surveillance technology was chosen for a surveillance upgrade at the 45,000 capacity Rostov Arena and the 35,000 capacity Kaliningrad Stadium.


An advanced video recording and centralised management system

IDIS technology was chosen to provide comprehensive coverage of the stadiums and the surrounding areas. At both locations an IDIS Total Solution was installed with a total of 3000 IP cameras comprising full HD and H.265 models and PTZ cameras, a range of full HD, true wide dynamic range (WDR), IR bullet cameras and full HD box cameras with all external cameras equipped to withstand Russia’s often harsh weather conditions.

The IDIS PTZ models all feature Smart UX Controls v2.0 providing intuitive ‘slingshot’ and ‘rubber band’ controls delivering exceptional accuracy and ease of use, creating an enhanced user experience unlike any other available on the market. With their exceptional performance the PTZ cameras use 30x optical zoom and powered IR LEDs for smooth motion detection and image analysis at up to 150 metres in darkness.

The installed system benefits from a range of IDIS high performance features including IDIS Intelligent Codec which, when combined with H.265 and Motion Adaptive Transmission (MAT), can deliver up to 90% savings on storage and bandwidth.

A centralised surveillance monitoring centre utilising an IDIS ultra-thin bezel 55” video wall delivers command and control of the two stadiums and allows security staff to access 60 days of archived footage from 50 remote IDIS DR-8364 NVRs implemented at situational centres. IDIS technology deployed at these response centres enables security staff to rapidly detect and respond to any breach of health and safety or suspicious behaviour.

Of significant importance, IDIS Critical Failover prevents loss of vital recorded data during a range of fault conditions. The system automatically steps in to ensure continued recording in the event of network instability, network failure, storage failure, recorder hardware failure and power supply failure, in each case ensuring that no data is lost.


Finding the best surveillance technology to protect high profile events

The sole partner of IDIS in Russia, AVIX, was asked to work closely with the stadium management and event planners to conduct detailed risk assessments and find the best technical solution for the two world-class sporting stadiums where the health, safety and security of staff and visitors are of paramount importance.

Following detailed surveys, it was decided that at each venue a new surveillance system was needed to provide uninterrupted 24/7 monitoring across the stadia particularly for vulnerable locations, including key internal areas and checkpoints. The priority was to ensure rapid real-time control and to allow effective incident response even at times of peak pressure during events.

It was also important that the system would provide crystal sharp images without latency in all weather conditions, with a minimum 60 days storage of footage and robust protection against loss of data.

Results and Benefits

A robust solution and enhanced user experience during events

The IDIS technology, installed by AVIX, has equipped the stadium security teams with the most robust surveillance capability, allowing them to operate at maximum efficiency. Before, during and after matches, particularly at times of peak stress Smart UX Controls v2.0 enables an optimised user experience when panning, tilting and zooming, while IDIS Intelligent Codec provides faster searching and minimises distortion while reviewing complex crowd scenes.

Further, the IDIS solution gives administrators total confidence and full control and lets them define the powers of individual operators, preventing unauthorised access to the system.

"The customer is delighted because the IDIS Total Solution does exactly what was promised. It delivers superior image quality, with crisp, clear pictures in high definition and with no visible latency. In this high profile, mission-critical application we also have the assurance of image storage for 60 days with protection against a wide range of fault conditions."

Aleksander Khrakov
Chief Executive Officer, AVIX


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