Starbucks looks to smarter surveillance technology as expansion continues

The first Starbucks coffee house opened in in Moscow in 2007 and in ten years the chain’s growing popularity across Russia has seen more than 100 outlets open. There are now several different store formats including classic coffee shops located in shopping centres; stand-alone stores characterised by open vaulted ceilings; smaller kiosk outlets; and drive-through outlets where customers can buy fragrant coffee and fresh-baked goods round the clock without leaving their cars.


IDIS VMS allows easy monitoring of IP and analogue mix

Following a survey of the latest solutions AVIX recommended IDIS technology as the best option for reliable, scalable video that could be remotely accessed via PCs and mobile devices. IDIS Solution Suite was identified as the best video management software option to integrate existing legacy equipment, the analogue IDIS DirectCX® range to leverage existing infrastructure as well as the latest IDIS IP solutions.

The VMS also offered the most user-friendly and convenient for use not only for Starbucks security controllers but also by the senior operations managers.

In the classic coffee house outlets IDIS HD TVI DVRs have been installed handling either 8 IDIS cameras (TR-3108) or 16 cameras (TR-4116) depending on the site requirements. A mix of analogue and IP camera technology is used across the Starbucks estate, giving maximum design and installation flexibility. New drive-through outlets are protected by a combination of external and internal cameras.

In the shopping centre kiosk outlets an easy-install and compact full-HD flat dome camera (DC-F1211) has been deployed, while a compete view of the entire point of sale is covered by a vandalresistant IR camera, the DC-D2233WR, with both cameras linked to an H.265 4K recorder (DR-2304P).


A robust video solution to work in a variety of settings

With thousands of customers visiting stores every day, and hundreds of staff to take care of, Starbucks’ management wanted a robust, flexible video surveillance solution that would operate effectively in every store location and in all store formats.

AVIX, a leading Russian distributor was challenged with designing a system that would deliver optimum quality video regardless of the store format and make use of older legacy cameras in certain locations. The system also needed to be convenient to install while maintaining the aesthetics of each outlet with the ability to focus in on sales transactions in real-time.

The system was required not just to ensure high security standards but also to be used by Starbucks’ senior operations managers to control efficiency and underwrite customer service and performance as the number of stores continues to grow.

Results and Benefits

A scalable surveillance system that paves the way for further growth

Senior staff in the Starbucks operations department, and security managers, now use the video system day-to-day, verifying working hours, maintaining quality standards and controlling incidents.

" This IDIS solution gives us excellent video quality the operational control we need to manage our continued expansion. The IDIS Solutions Suite VMS is comfortable and convenient for remote monitoring and it works perfectly by allowing our current mix of IP and analogue cameras, including the latest IP IDIS models and equipment. The system is future scalable, and we will easily adapt it to changing needs. "

Alim Sizov
General Manager “SVS Project” – Starbucks Partner

Following the success of this first phase installation a comprehensive upgrade to IDIS video cameras is being implemented across the entire Starbucks estate.


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